Customer testimonials are effective PREselling tools when used properly.  They help to deepen your visitors' trust in you and your products/services.  

Present testimonials wherever you reach your potential customers… on your website, newsletter, blog, social media channels, etc. Be creative and make them unmissable.

For example…


Why I love SBI! – A Testimonial From Elsa.

Kudos and success stories from our customers are – as Ken often says – the fuel that keeps everyone at SiteSell going. We are in the lucky position that SBIers freely share their feedback (both positive and negative) in the forums and at SiteSell Facebook.

Thank you Elsa for your kind words. And thanks for allowing us to share them with our fans.
- Margit

Read the post at Facebook here…


Facebook Lesson

Sincere customer testimonials, used sparingly, are valuable add-ons to your posting mix. People like to read feedback from "real" customers.  That type of authenticity helps to create an emotional connection, a feeling of trust and credibility. 

So… make each testimonial count by upping its impact.

Ask your customer for a head shot, along with permission to use his or her photo and testimonial on your Facebook Page.

Next step?  Turn the photo-testimonial combination into a professional looking image, as the example above illustrates.

If the text is too wordy, excerpt the strongest section and use it for the image. Add the complete testimonial to the image description when you make the post.

Brand your testimonials by using the same template (image + message style) each time. As fans scan your timeline, they can quickly identify and zoom into customer feedback. It could be exactly what they need to tip them into buying your products/services.


How Could the Post be Improved?

Engagement numbers for the post were on the mid to high range, classifying it as a solid performer. It contains all of the elements of a good customer testimonial, optimized for posting at Facebook. There really isn't much room for improvement.

Tip: Always keep in mind that posts with promotional content don't perform as well at Facebook as non-promotional posts. Use them sparingly and practice "Walking the Fine Line between Selling and Engaging."

All the best,
The SiteSell Facebook Team