Contrary to what many Facebook marketers will tell you, we find that videos do not perform as well as text posts, or text + photo posts.

Shorter posts tend to perform better so you would think that a quick video offering valuable information would be popular. That's not the case, though.

On Facebook, people's attention span is limited.  For many, it's faster to get the info they want by scanning some text rather than by watching a video.

This was Margit's post announcing a recent video by Tony, our SiteSell YouTube driver…

NEW VIDEO: Rule Of Thirds For Awesome Shots

You'll LOVE this one, I guarantee! In simple terms, and with the help of a cuddly teddy bear, Tony demonstrates how the rule of thirds turns your photo shots from average to awesome.

Give Tony a thumbs-up if you like his newest production!
- Margit

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Facebook Lesson

In the early days of SiteSell Facebook, videos were a frequent addition to the mix of posts. However, it soon became evident that video posts were the lowest performers in reach, views, comments, and likes. 

These stats created a dilemma for us.  We still wanted to drive traffic to the SiteSell YouTube channel and give more visibility to our videos.

The solution?

Periodic video posts on our timeline.  In spite of low engagement numbers, the extra exposure to our YouTube channel makes it worthwhile to post them. 

Sometimes you simply need to be clear in your mind about which goal you are trying to achieve.

All the best,
The SiteSell Facebook Team