Unless you set up a Facebook page as a hobby, if you’re not doing some selling every now and then, you’re probably not reaching your goals. Yes, that even applies to non-profits and social causes (think of “selling” in the broader sense of the word).

On the other hand, Facebook users tend to be weary and wary about anything that hints of sales language. Any promotional text in your posts must softly focus on the needs of your readers and “warm them up” to you and your business. We call that PREselling.

Amy in her post below gets the tone just right.

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How to Choose the Right Topic with Lightning Precision

SBI! makes it so simple to know what the right topic is to choose… for my business and for the content within my site.

My favorite tools in SBI! are in Brainstorm It!. Using Brainstorm It! in the early steps of creating a site, I can plan on the traffic that will come to my site, as well as map out how I will earn income, and what each page of my site should address.

When I register my domain and build the pages of my site, I already have some very precise research behind my decisions on what to publish — and I know it’s what my audience wants to see next.

Each SBI! site is unique… even if there are other sites that publish on the same topics. With trillions of searches on trillions of topics, there’s no way each site owner would create a site plan in exactly the same way.

Researching a site can take a few hours (for someone who already has experience with SBI!) or a few months (if you work part time at SBI! and are painstaking about “getting it right”). Most SBI! owners who succeed have fallen somewhere between those marks.

It takes time to build a site. But it takes time to build any good business properly. The SBI! tools add precision to the process. The (included) SBI! Action Guide and all of the SBI! tools enable me to get it right. 

Speaking of the SBI! tools… SBI! is at its all time best. The tools are faster and more comprehensive. It’s so simple to make a page, or edit a page you’ve already made. SBI! makes integrating Facebook and Twitter (and other social networks) simple too. 

Considering getting SBI! for your business, or starting a business with SBI!? The Advisor Team is made up of SBI! owners, and helps people who haven’t yet purchased SBI! or a SiteSell Services Core Package. We can even help you clarify your ideas based on our experiences using SBI!.

We’re available Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm EDT (GMT-4). Feel free to call us at 1-866-281-2789 from inside of North America (or +1 514-448-4573 from outside of North America). 

If you’d rather e-mail, please visit http://sbi.me/private-question to start your conversation to speak with a real SBI! owner.

We look forward to helping you!

All the best,
-Amy, Advisor Team Director

Facebook Lessons

This post received numerous likes and a good number of shares. It was a pleasant surprise because promotional posts usually don’t result in great engagement numbers.

Here’s why this post had a different outcome…

Amy focused on something that truly resonates with a huge part of our audience. It is no secret that the majority people desire to be financially independent and many dream of reaching that goal by having their own income-generating online business.

One of the big hurdles, though, is finding a profitable topic to write about. Many people get stuck at this point and lose confidence in their abilities.

By pointing out the vast number of potential topics, Amy presents that important first step as something very doable. She writes in the first person, which helps the reader to identify with the message (and messenger!). As icing on the cake, she adds an image that fits perfectly with her post’s headline.

Even though the sales pitch is more direct than usual, it’s still quite gentle. Amy merely asks the reader to contact her with questions.

Amy could have toned down the sales pitch even more by offering some other niche-research alternatives to SBI!’s Brainstorm It!. That, however, is the fine line you walk when you promote on Facebook.


We use this type of promotional posts sparingly. The majority of your posts should provide your fans with valuable information without trying to promote yourself or your company at the same time.

All the best,
The SiteSell Facebook Team