Why You Should Hold “Themed Weeks” At Your Facebook Page And How To Do It

You probably know the feeling… it’s time to entertain your Facebook fans with the next great post… and your brain comes up empty. You frantically search for inspiration, surfing your favorite Facebook Pages, checking your RSS feeds, even taking a shower if that’s the place where inspiration normally hits you. But still nothing post-worthy comes up. ;-)
Today’s Facebook tip can spare you this scenario, at least temporarily. With a “Themed Week,” you’ll know in advance what topic you are going to cover throughout the week. So, what is a “Themed Week” and how do you organize it? Let’s look at an example…

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Market Research And Content Generation

Whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, one of the keys to success is to know your target audience really well. Your Facebook community consists of people who’ve already expressed a general interest in your topic… so why not take it a step further and ask them specifically what information they’d like to get? Find how to use your Facebook Page for “market research light”…

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Ask The Right Questions

A simple yet effective way to engage your Facebook fans is to ask questions. The key, of course, is to ask your audience the right questions. How can you predict which questions will motivate fans to respond? Find out in today’s post and lesson.

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